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Indie Dev Weekly #8




Title image is my real desktop of this week.

Zen Flip Clock iOS (App Store

Version 4.2.3 was submitted on Wednesday afternoon, fixing two minor bugs and was approved and went live in just 40 minutes.


The development of the new version 4.3.0 is still progressing slowly. I even dreamt of showing a friend the new features and they were greatly impressed. Upon waking up, I immediately recorded a demo and sent it to my friend who was able to understand it at a glance.

While browsing YouTube, I accidentally discovered a few videos recommending the newly redesigned Zen Flip Clock. The videos were beautifully made 🥰, and I hope to see more videos like this.


Minimal Diary(App Store

Also on Wednesday, after submitting Minimalist Clock, I submitted version 1.7.4, which fixed two minor bugs:

  • When sharing a single diary entry from a previous day, the "on this day last year" or "x years ago today" options may not be displayed in the top right corner.
  • If the "button shape" is enabled in the system settings, many buttons on several pages will become oversized, even exceeding the screen size.


This time, both apps have been updated with a batch of new keywords. Keywords with low ranking or low relevance have been removed. After four days, the keyword coverage for Zen Flip Clock has slightly decreased, while the keyword coverage for Minimal Diary has significantly increased.


Given that my coding time during the day has been limited recently, it is necessary to adjust my physical and mental state, reduce distractions, concentrate my efforts, and be ready to work at any time.


I just realized last week that my aerobic fitness has been low since February, so I have planned to increase my exercise starting this week.


On Monday, I did 1000 jump ropes and some stretch with a resistance band, on Tuesday I did 600 jump ropes, on Thursday I cycled 26km, and on Saturday I cycled 20km.


I was supposed to cycle last week and cleaned my eight-year-old bike, but I still postponed it until this week. Looking at my records, the last time I cycled was exactly one year ago, and I only cycled once in the entire 2022.


New Gear

I usually listen to podcasts while cycling, but recently, the strong spring wind made it difficult to hear the sound from my earphones. So, on Thursday evening, I started researching new earphones to buy. My initial thought was to buy noise-canceling earphones, but I found that they are not recommended for cycling because they are not safe, and wind noise is hard to eliminate. Instead, bone conduction earphones are recommended. After some research, I ordered Xiaomi's bone conduction earphones.


After receiving them the next day, I was very satisfied. I unexpectedly found that these earphones are perfect for listening to podcasts. There is no discomfort from long-term wearing of in-ear earphones, and on Friday, I wore them almost all day. I was also worried about wearing them with my glasses, but it was not uncomfortable at all. Moreover, these earphones can connect to two devices at the same time. For example, I can listen to a podcast on my phone and watch a video on my computer, and I can seamlessly switch between them (but I cannot play audio from both devices simultaneously). I cycled 20km on Saturday with these earphones, and the experience was very good.

Reading & Sleeping

I started reading "The Almanack of Naval Ravikant" this week and forced myself to go to bed around 11 pm every night. I fixed my tablet on a stand and lay down to read. I also enabled the AI text-to-speech feature so that I do not have to manually turn the pages. When I feel tired, I set a timer for 20 minutes, turn off the light, and listen with my eyes closed, and then I fall asleep soon.


After a week, my sleep has improved, and getting up early is not as painful as before.