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Indie Dev Weekly #4


Monthly income

I calculated my income for February and it was a little better than January, which made me happy. 😄


I started to show symptoms on Monday and didn't fully recover until Sunday.

I experienced all the symptoms of fever, cough, headache, nausea, runny nose, and weakness.

I haven't had such a severe cold in many years, and this minor illness made me hardly work for a week.

Zen Flip Clock (App Store, Google Play)

This week, I only discussed with the designer about the future addition of a professional Pomodoro to the app. There are many things I want to do and many things to consider, especially to maintain the minimalist UI/UX, which is very mentally taxing.

Minimal Diary (App Store, Google Play)

On Tuesday morning, I was ready to submit version 1.7.3, but when I was about to press the "Submit for Review" button, I found two problems:

  1. There was a serious bug in the app: the diary would scroll up and down after loading.
  2. WishKit, which I originally intended to add, suddenly launched a paid plan. The free version can only show 10 wishes, which I think affects the user experience. Also, since the developer has not yet added Chinese localization, I had to withdraw it for now.

After fixing it, I submitted it again, and it was successfully launched on Wednesday. From now on, I won't make the mistake of letting app updates get blocked by a problem that takes a long time to solve.

Some users also gave feedback that they hope to add AI features, but I haven't figured out specific implementation scenarios yet. If it is to help generate diary content, then it is not my true feelings and real experiences. It may be useful in supplementing information, for example, if I watched a movie, I could add the Douban or IMDB link and rating in the notes. If you have any other good ideas, feel free to communicate with me.

The new version of the Minimal Diary for Android has completed all the features, and after testing, there are no major problems. It will be submitted to various application markets next week.


I had insomnia on Thursday night, partly because of the flu and partly because I came up with a good idea to use AI to create an app, which made me too excited to sleep.

On Friday, I spent a day researching and implementing the ChatGPT API into the app and wrote a simple demo, which felt pretty good.

However, there are still several problems that need to be studied and solved:

  1. I still need to study and experiment with the ChatGPT API in-depth, which needs to save tokens and generate return values as needed.
  2. Improve the response speed of the API. The response speed of the demo is too slow, and requests often time out.
  3. Add dynamic configuration for the API and key in case of emergency.

New gear

Recently, my consumerism trap syndrome relapsed, and I need to spend 2k to 3k for treatment. I picked many things: Harman Kardon Crystal 4, XSS, mountain bike and road bike, ukulele, sports shoes, grinder/coffee machine, new air purifier, keyboard...

In the end, I accidentally saw the option of an electrostatic capacitive keyboard, which I had always thought was too expensive, so I didn't pay much attention to it. Now I see that it is just within my budget. I have many requirements for the keyboard:

  1. It must support Mac and have Mac's supplementary keycaps. If there are F function keys, they must also be consistent with Mac keyboards.
  2. Bluetooth wireless connection
  3. Below 87 keys, I don't need a numeric keypad area, but I can't be without ctrl, opt, and cmd.
  4. The appearance is simple, I don't like fancy ones, and it's best without backlighting. If there is one, I won't turn it on.

After screening these conditions, HKKB and Realforce were eliminated, and only the keyboard from NIZ met the requirements. I finally chose the NIZ 82-key keyboard, which is brand new and costs a little over 1000. So I bought a secondhand one on Xianyu for 600 yuan, which is in very good condition and is on its way. I hope I won't be cheated.