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Indie Dev Weekly #29: August Data Summary



A week has passed, my sense of smell and taste have only slightly recovered. I no longer have a fever but still feel weak and low energy.

I had thought I would overeat when smell and taste returned but that didn't happen. Instead I lost 3 kg.

August Data

  • App Store - downloads increased around 30%, revenue increased 18%
  • Google Play - downloads decreased 5%, revenue decreased 16%
  • AdMob - revenue increased by $10
  • Domestic Android market - downloads decreased 16%, revenue decreased 15%

Zen Flip Clock (App Store)



First, the TipKit configuration code I found in (unofficial) tutorials didn't work:

try? await Tips.configure {

It compiled in my Xcode 15 beta 6 but crashed at runtime. Upgrading to Xcode 15 beta 8 made it not compile. The API changed per Apple docs:

// Configure and load your tips at app launch.
try? Tips.configure([

Here are the changes:

  • No longer needs await
  • Different config parameter format
  • The shouldReset parameter was removed

Second, I added 2 tips - one top right displayed fine, one bottom didn't show with popoverTip, had to use a temporary TipView instead.

Trademark Infringement

I found a new app called "极简时钟" focussing on "AI chatbot". It's by a Hangzhou company with other unrelated apps from wallpaper to cosmetics tracking. Shockingly their top rated cosmetics app has exclusively 1-star ratings in the past year!


I submitted trademark infringement complaints, including against two other inactive "极简时钟" apps.


Just noticed the podcast I recorded was released a week early!

Impressed by the editing skills of the Hardcore Hacker hosts - not only fast editing but even fixing my verbal slip-ups.