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Indie Dev Weekly #25: Zen Flip Clock 6th Anniversary



This week I went to Qinhuangdao to vacation for 4 days. I was gonna include the trip recap in this journal but felt it was too personal and long-winded, and not really dev related, so I'll just write a separate post about it.

July Stats

  • iOS downloads were up just a tiny bit from last month, but total revenue was down almost $200. Zen Flip Clock revenue decreased while Minimal Diary revenue increased.
  • Google Play downloads dropped 22%, in-app purchases and AdMob earnings both went down.
  • In the domestic Android market, Zen Flip Clock downloads spiked 40% but revenue only went up 13%. Minimal Diary downloads were up 18% but revenue actually dropped 20%.

Minimal Diary iOS (App Store)

The day before leaving for vacation, I wasn't planning to write any code but found a major bug first thing in the morning so I spent the morning fixing that. Right after, a user in the test group reported another bug. After I fixed that one I saw another bug in the backlog that seemed like a quick fix. Spent the whole day knocking out 3 bugs and shipped v1.7.7.

Zen Flip Clock iOS Turns 6! (App Store)

On the bullet train ride back from vacation, I suddenly realized Zen Flip Clock on iOS has been on the App Store for 6 years now, whaaat!

Zen Flip Clock iOS

Here's where Zen Flip Clock is at currently:

  • Total downloads 3.24 million
  • Rating 4.7, with 21,655 ratings
  • Hit #6 on the App Store ranking charts
  • Never been featured by App Store

Revenue has gone up a lot this past year after a big overhaul of Zen Flip Clock. But it's been declining recently, and due to some unexpected drama the future is up in the air. But I'll keep developing it, even without making bank, to stay true to the OG vision of free without ads.

Do good stuff without expecting anything in return.