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Indie Dev Weekly #20


2023, 0626-0702

June has ended, and 2023 is now halfway over.

It always takes me half a day to tally up the data from the previous month, downloading various sheets and then finding and summing the numbers I want before consolidating everything into one table. I want to make a statistics tool to just throw the sheets into and have it automatically compile the stats.

  • Google Play, downloads plummeted, dropping 33%, but revenue only decreased a tiny bit. Downloads from Turkey in June dropped 55%, which was the main reason for the overall download decrease. This also explains why revenue wasn't impacted - because Turkey never pays!

  • App Store, downloads decreased a bit, revenue down $30.

  • Domestic Android market, possibly due to price adjustments, downloads increased 13% and revenue was up 3.5%.

Minimal Diary iOS App Store

Test Group

This week I created a new test group for version 1.7.6. Because 1.7.6 changed the underlying data model, affecting everything, basically all the diary-related pages needed adjustments. To be prudent, I'm doing a round of small scale testing before submitting the official version.

Initially I wanted to limit the testers to 10 people, but later decided to expand it to 20. Within the morning of publishing to TestFlight I already received 5 bug reports, not including several others I was aware of but testers hadn't discovered yet...

As thanks to these testers, I promised I would give each person a promo code for a lifetime membership.


All the coding work this week was optimizing import/export. Because the diary data model changed, import/export also needed modifications. Previously there was a serious issue where exporting large amounts of data at once could cause a crash due to running out of memory. This time I fixed this problem, and also optimized the entire interaction, adding prompts and progress bars for each step.


Because I needed to refactor the import/export interaction, I reread the official Apple Human Interface Guidelines section on modal presentations. For modality, SwiftUI mainly has these forms: Sheet, Alert, Confirmation Dialog, Popover. This Confirmation Dialog was added in iOS 15 to replace the previous Action Sheet, and I didn't even know...

I plan to use the default SwiftUI styles as much as possible going forward, instead of various third party libraries.

It's worth mentioning that after WWDC23, not only were the HIG updated with the latest design guidelines, but Chinese versions were also added, making it completely worthwhile to read through again.


New stuffs

I bought quite a few things in June.

  • 2T SSD portable hard drive

  • Air fryer

  • 65W gallium nitride Type-C + USB power strip

  • Pro controller for playing Switch

  • Bunch of coffee capsules and concentrated plum juice

  • A book, The Meaning of Anxiety

  • 8-electrode body fat scale

  • Edifier 1080BT speakers