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Indie Dev Weekly #10



This week's SD was not Stable Diffusion, but SLAM DUNK! Before watching it, I saw some negative reviews, but after watching it, I can only say that these pseudo fans neither understand movies nor understand Takehiko Inoue.


Personal Accomplishment

On Monday, I achieved a personal accomplishment: going to the hospital for surgery alone. It was a minor facial surgery and was finished within half an hour.

Since it was a surgery on my face, half of my face was swollen for several days after the surgery, and my left eye was just a slit. I even felt like I could see my own cheekbones. Also, for a week, I couldn't wash my face and could only wipe it with a wet towel. I couldn't even wash my hair. On Friday, I couldn't stand it anymore and went to a hair salon to wash my hair.

This was the second time I had been to a hair salon in nearly ten years (the last time was the day before my wedding). For the past ten years, I've been using a hair clipper to cut my own hair at home. I have to admire the professionalism of the hairdresser. When she was washing my hair, she immediately noticed that my hair was not quite right and asked me which hairdresser had cut it so unevenly.

Zen Flip Clock iOS App Store

Unexplained Surge

This week, the download volume of Minimalist Clock on the App Store in Korea skyrocketed for three days. I searched Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok but didn't find a lot of content related to Minimalist Clock in Korea, so I'm not sure what specifically caused the sudden surge in downloads.

Based on past experience, sudden surges in downloads like this overseas are usually caused by TikTok, but this time, I couldn't find the reason. It's probably due to some social channel specific to Korea.


New Design for the New Version

Previously, I communicated with the designer via WeChat and Tencent Meetings. WeChat's shortcomings don't need to be mentioned, and Tencent Meetings requires two people to take time out to communicate synchronously. Now, we communicate through Figma's Comment, where we can directly mark up and leave messages on the design draft, and then check off the comment after we're done. It's a completely asynchronous communication method that I really like.

I thought the new version was already 90% complete, but the designer suddenly provided 12 modification suggestions. It was like a military book with twelve volumes, each with the father's name written on it.

After a week of hard work, I finally modified ten designs and even added two animation effects that I really like. Although I really want to share the new version's design, it's not time yet, so I'll just leave a little easter egg for now.



Last week, I just set up Fastlane for trial, but this week, I released beta versions every day except Monday and Tuesday, and sometimes I released multiple versions in a day. Fastlane greatly reduced my workload. After typing fastlane beta, I can take a break, make a cup of coffee, and come back to see that the upload was successful. It's very satisfying, and I regret not using it earlier.


In fact, I finished "The Almanack of Naval Ravikant" last week. Among the two parts of wealth and happiness, the second part of happiness gave me the most insights, especially desire and liberation.

I also listened to several podcasts that interpreted this book and added all the recommended books in the back of the book to my reading list.

This week, I was originally planning to read it again, but suddenly thought of using AI to summarize it. So I used my-gpt-reader to summarize it, but the effect was only so-so. I still need to read it personally.